Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack
Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack
Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack
Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack
Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack
Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack

Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack

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Bought the Easter Edition Plot Pack in 2020?
Here's your refill supplies so you can amp it up again in 2021!

Look at you! You've squashed that Basket from last year up into the highest corner of the cupboard and it's nearly time to dust it off and recreate family memories again this year. 

I'm hoping you have lovingly kept and cherished the original -  

  • Seagrass Easter Basket
  • Plastic Basket Liner
  • Decorative Timber Marker (either the Cross or the Easter Bunny)

If you've run into strife with any of those items shoot me an email at rachel@plotaustralia.com.au and I'll work on a custom refill for you. Who knows - maybe your dog ate your easter bunny (I sure hope not!).

I'm also assuming you are able to get your hands (literally speaking) on a handful of pebbles for the bottom of the plastic liner again. If I include pebbles in the refill packs the price point jumps up another $14 due to postage weight and extra packaging. Soooooo go pick up a handful of rocks/ pebbles to line the bottom of your basket and shout yourself a coffee for all the money you've saved by getting your hands dirty. Again just email me if that causes problems for you.

Soooo that's a very long about way of saying ....

Each Easter Edition REFILL Plot Pack includes - 

  • 1 x Wheatgrass Seed Packet
  • 5 x Grow Pellets
  • 3 x Paper Towel
  • 1 x How to Instruction Card with photographed steps 

This Refill Plot Pack is designed for YOU if

  1. You purchased an Easter Edition Plot Pack in 2020 (thank you SO much for being a long time supporter of our small Australian business!)
  2. You want to continue the tradition of growing your own basket in Easter 2021. 
  3. You haven't got the time to go buy potting mix and new wheatgrass seeds yourself. 
  4. You don't live in Western Australia or Tasmania (sorry guys... you have strict quarantine rules). 
  5. You are aware all orders will be shipped on the 18th of March - this gives you plenty of time to be planting prior to Easter.

Extra Product Info

This Easter Basket will be looking at it’s prime between 7-10 days after sowing so make sure you plant accordingly to ensure it’s looking lush before the Easter eggs arrive. I recommend planting between the 25th - 28th of March for it to be looking full for the 4th of April.

Although the wheatgrass is edible, its primary function in this basket is for decorative purposes. A common occurrence when growing wheatgrass is non pathogenic mould forming on the seeds/ roots. This is reduced by not overwatering and doesn’t impact upon the decorative function of the basket to hold Easter eggs for a day. 

The basket, plastic liner and decorative timber marker are designed to be stored and reused again and again - so purchase once and enjoy for many Easter’s to come! You’ll only need to replenish wheatgrass seeds, pebbles and growing medium each year which makes this Plot Pack great value. Reminder - don't forget to grab your own pebbles!