About Us

Hi! I'm Rachel Leembruggen - founder of Plot Australia and Plot Packs. 

I’ve always loved plants. And food. So what is better than plants that are food? You get the fun (and sometimes heartache) of growing as well as the bliss (and more often than not weight gain) of eating. This is my journey of growing at home with three boys three and under (the Apprentice, Trainee and Intern).

Welcome to Plot Australia!

Plot's mission is to encourage and inspire busy eco minded individuals that they can achieve a home harvest - no matter how big or small their Plot may be. Making it easy, fun and tangible to 'grow your own' at home. Plot values Australian businesses, supporting local, organic growing methods, ethically produced and packaged products and most importantly YOUR TIME! Our Plot Packs are curated for you to get the best results from your growing efforts.

In 2014 we bought a “renovators delight” in Springfield (south west of Brisbane, QLD) and my husband spend the better part of a year painting, carpeting, laying bamboo floors, hanging curtains, replacing doors and the like while I provided (hopefully) emotional encouragement and left every Saturday to partake in a Jamie Oliver cooking school in Ipswich {helpful}. So now the interior is done (as much as the bank balance will allow) and it’s time for the exterior  – aka my turn.

The boring bits: I studied a Certificate 3 in Horticulture and upgraded to a Diploma at TAFE while working in the retail nursery sector in Toowoomba. I then commenced an Associate Degree in Environmental Science externally from Southern Cross University and worked as an Agronomist providing crop support at Withcott Seedlings. After getting married and moving to Brisbane I began work at Technigro as a Bush Regenerator and eventually Manager of the Natural Areas Department. Now I’m at home with 3 boys aged 3 and under and have oodles of time to devote myself to crop growing in the suburbs (jokes – I wash EVERY DAY) and aim to bring some life into our 870m2 dry desolate empty block. I completed my Bachelor of Environmental Science – and after all this I STILL get caterpillars going wild in my kale. The qualifications should come with a guarantee.

I am PASSIONATE about sharing the benefits of "growing your own" - even if it's as small scale as a jar of sprouts by the kitchen sink. I've created a range of fun creative garden workshops (come join me when you get a chance!) and releasing 'Plot Packs' for when you can't get to a workshop - I'll send everything to you! 

So join me on my journey of growing - follow Plot on instagram, facebook and check out our Plot Packs

Growing with you, 

Rachel Leembruggen