Raid Your Recycling Bin! (aka common household items that help you grow your own plants from seed)


There's so much goodness in there that will help you grow your own plants from seed. Plus it's FREE - and it's saving the energy that would otherwise go into melting it down and creating into new products. The downside is you may need to rinse some meat juice off it but hey the FREE drawcard should be enough to win you over.

My top favourites are: 

Paddlepop Sticks (mainly because you get to eat the ice-cream and tell yourself you are doing garden prep). They are great to stick into pots or the soil so you don't have to remember what you planted where. I always tell myself I'll remember but NEVER do. It's great to jot down what you've planted and the date can be helpful as well.

Newspapers. Great for ripping up and popping in the compost bin or worm farm. You can also fold them into bio pots if you are into origami. I made quite a pathetic video showing how I do mine on IGTV which you can check out here. I'll improve it soon I promise!

Egg cartons. An obvious one but they are a great cheap option to sow seeds into. Warning: I DO find you need to care for them a lot more when compared to using the bio pots (sold in my Plot Packs). If you are happy to give the egg cartons extra care and attention and make sure they don't dry out and are careful when watering (so the seeds don't all flood into one cell) they are handy to have around.

Meat Trays. I use these as a saucer under pots or even line with newspaper and plant straight into them. Because they don't have drainage holes you just have to make sure you aren't overwatering your seeds and creating a swimming pool at the base or they will rot. Love a good repurposed meat tray in the garden!

Glass Jars. These can be made into cute little Terrariums! I've written a previous blog post about how to do it HERE

Have you repurposed some household items into seed vessels to great success? I'd love to hear about it! 

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If you've never grown from seed before - I get it. It can be really overwhelming. And maybe you've had a bad run! I've created Plot Packs just for you - to take you through the steps with only the easiest and best seed varieties. You can shop them online here