Quickest and Easiest Autumn Veg to Plant NOW

I've compiled a list of my top 8 QUICKEST and EASIEST vegetables to plant NOW in subtropical Australia (the eastern coastline from Coff's Harbour in northern NSW through to Brisbane and north to Mackay). Subtropical climates are characteristically mild (which is why so many of us love to live here in SE QLD) with high humidity in Summer and the unlikelihood of frost. Although anything is possible lately riiiiiight?!?!

Here's my reasoning. We are heading into Easter holidays. And maybe you have kids at home for an extended period at the moment. And maybe you want to try growing food together. Do you think they are going to keep interest for 16-22 weeks while your garlic and onion slowlllllly grow? Maybe. Most likely not.

So I've concentrated on things that you can plant NOW and be harvesting within around four weeks. I've also focused on edible plants (because we all want stocked fridges right?) that I consider easiest to grow. And also enjoyable to eat. You may notice I've steered clear of broccoli and cabbage because they do take a fair bit longer to grow and also I always find they get RIDDLED with caterpillars unless you net them. And I can't be bothered with that. Maybe you can. Maybe you can also lose your baby weight but four years later and I'm still on that journey. Anyway....


Baby Spinach - easily grown from seed and you can start to pick single outer leaves off the plant from 4 weeks. How amazing! Baby spinach is so great and versatile in the kitchen too and you can chop and freeze it if you have a bumper crop so that's always a win. Available in our Plot Packs 

Beetroot - best grown from seed STRAIGHT INTO THE GROUND. Ie not grown in pots first and then transplanted. Because beetroot is grown for it's root crop you really don't want to interrupt the roots - you want them to be unhindered and not moved from punnets into the soil. The greatest thing about beetroot (aside from chocolate beetroot cake - trust me it's delicious) is that you can harvest the leaves on top of the plant and add them to salads while you are waiting for the root to grow. Double whammy win! 

Lettuceeasily grown from seed and you can start to pick single outer leaves off the plant from 4 weeks. I like my burgers to have a slice of green. Not easily stored so stagger your plantings or you'll be door knocking the street giving away lettuce next month. Not that that's a bad thing. Available in our Plot Packs 

Radish - similar to beetroot;  this is a root crop so you want to plant the seeds straight into the ground rather than transplanting from a pot. They are pretty much the speediest vegetable ever being ready for harvest in 3 weeks after seeding! VERY easy to grow and you can also pick the young leaves to add to salads or stir-fries.  

Rocket - as the name suggests another speedy grower. Leaves are best eaten young before they get old and bitter so leaves can be harvested 3-4 weeks after seeding. Easy to grow from seed. Can also be diced and made into a pesto to freeze if you have excess produce. Available in our Plot Packs 

Shallots - MUCH quicker than onions and can be used as a substitute in many recipes. Easiest grown from seedlings. You can wander out to the garden in your slippers each morning and cut some stems for your omelette after 8 weeks or so. Suits growing in pots if you only have a patio.

Silverbeet - easily grown from seed and individual leaves can be harvested from 3-4 weeks. This is a very long lived plant which can even last a few years in your garden! You can get some really fancy varieties of yellow, red, stems etc if you are posh like that. 

Snow Peas - for these you will need some space- a trellis or light frame for them to climb up. It will take 10 weeks to start getting a decent harvest of snow peas but in the meantime you can eat the flowers (although you won't get as many seed pods then) and you can also add the tendrils to  salads and stir-fries. Available in our Plot Packs 

So there you have it! These are all quite easy to grow - even for beginners -  and you will very quickly be harvesting from the plants and adding them to your plate.

We ALL have growing catastrophes at times (myself included) but if you start off with the simplest varieties in the correct season you will set yourself up for your best possible harvest. If you've never grown from seed before (or you can't leave the house to buy some right now) DON'T FREAK OUT! I've created Plot Packs: EVERYTHING you need to grow your own vegetable plants from seed delivered to your door. Check them out HERE.

And we'd love for you to join our growing journey! You can read more about Plot Australia HERE or follow along on Instagram or Facebook where I post daily gardening inspiration and growing tips. 

Let's get growing!

- Rachel.