How to Create Your Own Terrarium

Plot Australia How to Create Your Own Glass Jar Terrarium

Create your very own mini world with a glass jar open terrariums! Terrariums are mini landscapes which contain soil, decorative items and plants - think of it as your own mini garden. They are great if you live in a small space or if you’d like to bring a little bit of the garden inside. Plus you can decorate them to make them look really fun and interesting! Find a small figurine (or two) from your home that you’d like to include. Maybe a mini lego character or animal - whatever theme you’d like your mini world to be.


Large glass jar (we are using one 700ml in size) 

50g of succulent specific potting mix

4-5 Tablespoons of sand

6cm x 6cm thick material (canvas/denim) or a tight weave mesh (enough to cover the base of your jar).

200g Drainage pebbles 

3-5 Decorative rocks

1 x Small succulent 

Tools Needed:





Drinking straw (not crucial)

A mini figurine or other small decorative toys/ items you’d like to include.

Plot Australia Glass Jar Terrarium Dinosaur Mini World


  1. Gather all your items and find a clear bench top to work on
  2. Place enough drainage pebbles at the bottom of the jar to be about 3cm deep
  3. Cut a piece of cloth large enough to sit on top of the drainage pebbles.
  4. Add some more drainage pebbles on top to cover the cloth
  5. Add 1cm of the soil mix to the top of the drainage pebbles
  6. Remove your plant from the pot and arrange inside the jar
  7. Add soil around the base of your plant - pat down around the exterior of the glass jar.
  8. Add a thin sand layer to the top of your soil
  9. Position your decorative stones and add your mini figurine
  10. Use the paintbrush to brush the sand off the glass jar. If you have a drinking straw you can use it to blow small pieces of soil off the plant. 
  11. Water carefully - only add a very small amount and slowly - watch the sides of the jar and stop as soon as you start to see water trickling down and pooling at the base. If you have used the soaked growing pellets you won’t need to water at all to begin with - the growing media will have enough moisture in it already.

Plot Australia Glass Jar Terrarium

Caring for your Terrarium:

Keep in a well lit area but not in direct sunlight as the glass can intensify the sun’s heat. Outside on a well lit patio table is great.

The golden rule is don’t over water! Check that water isn’t pooling underneath in the drainage pebble area - if it is you are adding too much water at a time. If you think the soil is starting to look dry (or you can easily feel it with your finger) wait a few days and THEN water. Less is best with succulents.

Remove any discoloured or rotting leaves - this may be a sign of watering problems so adjust your water schedule and see if it improves.

Check every few weeks that pest insects haven’t moved in - if you notice any suspicious looking bugs the easiest thing to do is take it in to your local garden centre and ask what to treat them with. This is a big benefit of a transportable garden! 

If your succulent is LOVING life and outgrowing the terrarium you can remove it - cut it into pieces and make lots of new terrariums to keep yourself or give as gifts. Succulents grow well from cuttings so if you are caring for your terrarium well you will be able to grow your collection!

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- Rachel.