How to Create an easy Colour Matching Treasure Hunt in Your Garden

We are DEEP into school holidays now! Parent's I am with you! Here's an activity that's easy to run with your kids and gets them outside in the garden. You'll have everything you need at home already. 

Its suitable for littlies (2-5 year olds) to learn colours and enhance fine motor skills. It can also can work with older kids as a treasure hunt leading to a "reward" - first to fill this board in wins a prize etc etc. Perfect as an activity at a kids birthday party but be warned your garden may be ravaged!

Colour Match Treasure Hunt.

1. You'll need: a piece of cardboard, wooden pegs, super glue, paint sample cards (available free from Bunnings) with colours of leaves/ flowers that you have in your garden.

You can also get by with the I AIN'T NO PINTEREST MUMMA version of - 

Blue tak, half eaten pegs from the clotheslines, chewed coloured pens and the back of a weetbix box.

2. Glue the flat side of each peg along the piece of cardboard. Allow enough space for items to be clipped onto each peg at a later date. Place evenly along the board. 6-12 pegs works well depending on how long you'd like the activity to run for.

And for the haphazard NO TIME FOR THAT Mum - 

Just blu tak the pegs on to the back of the weetbix box. Simultaneously smash a coffee down.

3.  Cut the sample paint coloured cards to fit being pegged onto the board. Add a colour to each peg. Make sure it's achievable for the kids and triple check you've got the colours in your garden for them to find. Even if you have no flowers there will be a lot of different shades of green for them to track down.


Scribble a colour underneath each of your pegs. Make sure one of the colours DEFINITELY isn't in your garden so it takes them a lot longer to complete and you buy yourself some more time.

And you're done!!!! Be warned if you have a prize winning rose in your garden DO NOT MAKE IT ONE OF THE COLOURS TO FIND. You've got to be a little non precious about kids picking things for this activity to work.

I love this activity! It's such an easy set up and really gives the kids a new way to explore and discover in the garden. My 3.5 year old especially really loves going on the Colour Treasure Hunts. If you create this activity please tag me in you pics! I love to see! @theplotaustralia on Facebook and @plotaustralia on Instagram

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Happy Growing -