How to make your own Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking at my Christmas tree has given me a massive reality check this year. Yes because I thought a cute little circular train track would be magical tooting along underneath the tree (heads up - IT IS NOT MAGICAL AND IT IS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE WITH THREE BOYS AGED THREE AND UNDER). *Please let me know if you have a 3D printer and can print tracks after ours have been broken.* But also because IT IS A PLASTIC TREE AND EVERY SINGLE ORNAMENT ON IT IS PLASTIC!!! I am not totally against plastic - it does have it's purposeful uses - but my decorations are totally out of proportion on the fake scale. 

Sooooo..... cue operation "use what we have around home and in the garden to make some more earth friendly festive decorations this year". 

Tree Ornaments 

You'll need - some sticks, scrap fabric or ribbons (stiff fabrics work best), scissors and some twine.

1. Cut your scrap fabric into thin strips but not all the same length - make some longer than others.

2. Tie your fabric strips onto the stick with the shorter pieces towards the top and longer pieces towards the bottom.

3. Keep tying the strips of fabric until you’ve nearly covered the whole stick. (unrelated: aren't SQUIDGY LITTLE HANDS THE CUTEST!)

4.  Trim the edges of the ribbon to slope them upwards like the side of a Christmas tree.

5. Tie some ribbon or twine on the top to make a loop and you’re finished! Your own mini Christmas tree decorations made from garden sticks and leftover fabric pieces. A very green Christmas!

Plot Australia Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations

Show me how you go! I'd LOVE if you could tag me in your creations :  @Plot Australia on Facebook and @plotaustralia on Instagram. 

Happy Christmas! 

- Rachel.

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