How to make your own EASY Eucalyptus Wreath

School holidays! AHHHH! And Christmas ones at that! Needing the house to look a little more festive and the kids to do something that doesn’t involve a screen? Try this activity to kill two birds with one stone. It might even give you time to prep the turkey for roasting! (Or lay on the couch - no judgement here). Best of all you should have everything you need already laying about the house; unless you’ve recently joined the minimalist movement - and, if so - send your non procrastinating self to my front door stat!

  1. Eucalyptus Wreath
    You’ll need - a paper plate, leaves (eucalyptus work great but you can use what you have), assorted nature items (foraged gum nuts, seed pods, flowers etc), twine or ribbon, a holepunch, glue and scissors.
    Plot Australia Eucalyptus Wreath
  2. What to do - cut the centre out of the paper plate and punch a hole at the top of circular ring. 
    Plot Australia Eucalytpus Wreath
  3. Glue the leaves onto the ring to create a foliage wreath. Continue until you have covered all the paper plate.
    Plot Australia Eucalytpus Wreath
  4. Arrange and glue on the foraged nature items in whatever design you’d like. Gumnuts, red leaves or small seed pods look great!
    Plot Australia Wreath
  5. Tie the ribbon or twine through the hole and ta da!!! If you’d like to preserve this wreath for more than a few days simply spray with hairspray or use dried foliage and flowers to get a look that lasts! If you use fresh flowers and leaves I recommend laying it flat to dry and weighing down the edges with a heavy book etc to stop it from curling (this really depends on what type of glue you use). 

Christmas doesn't need to be filled with plastic tinsel and bright gaudy baubles - why not see what you have growing in your garden and get creative? 

I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram (@plotaustralia) or Facebook (@theplotaustralia) so I can see!