How to Get MULTIPLE Harvests from ONE Woolworths Discovery Garden Plant

Just finished your grocery shop and got your free Woolworths Discovery Garden Plant with each $30 spend? 


Did you buy 13 lettuces in your weekly shop? 

Chances are I’d guess no. 

Yet if you go home and plant that lettuce seed paper in one hit that’s exactly what you’ll be harvesting in two months time. 

If you want to avoid eating salad every meal for a week - STAGGER your planting. The success of a great productive garden is planting little and often - that way you will be harvesting little and often and avoiding the feast and famine scenario of 12 cucumber plants all ready for harvesting within a ten day period (tzatziki anyone)? ^Speaking from experience^. 

So…. here’s how to get MULTIPLE weeks worth of staggered harvesting from one single Woolworths Discovery Garden Plant:

Note: This tip isn’t for EVERY one of the Woolworths Discovery Plants. Obviously you will most likely want your snapdragons and pansies flowering at the same time. And for things like Chamomile or Thyme it doesn’t really matter. BUT unless you like eating fistfuls of coriander or 2 heads of cabbage at a single sitting.. read on - 

       Plot Australia Woolworths Discovery Garden Lettuce Seed Paper
  1. Hold your seed paper up to the light - you’ll easily be able to see exactly how many seeds are in that single sheet. For easily grown varieties like Lettuce and Radish - sowing 2-3 seeds per pot is perfectly adequate. 

    Plot Australia Woolworths Discovery Garden Seed Paper Cut
  2. Cut the seed paper so that there are only 2-3 seeds per section. 
  3. Plant one of the smaller sections of seed paper that you’ve cut into your Woolworths bio pot as per the cardboard sleeve instructions.
  4. Now think about how you EAT whichever variety you are planting. Would you go through 3-4 cabbages a week normally? Or maybe more like 1-2? Keep in mind that you’ll have grown them yourself so they’ll be extra fresh and delicious (well here’s hoping) and you may eat more than normal. 
  5. However many you want to eat in a week, sow that many seeds. If you have 2-3 seeds per pot lean on the positive side that you will get 2 plants. So - if you eat two lettuce a week sow only the ONE Woolworths bio pot with the small cut section of seed paper with 2-3 seeds inside. 

    Plot Australia Woolworths Discovery Garden Pot
  6. Care for that single little bio pot baby for a week.
  7. Then - after a week or so - plant your next little section of seed paper into an empty egg carton with some seed raising mix. 
    Plot Australia Woolworths Discovery Garden Egg Cartons
  8. Care for your two little babies for another week. Play favourites. Give the egg carton some extra love and attention - I’ve found they tend to dry out quicker. 
  9. I think you get the picture now right? Continue sowing a small section of your seed paper each week until they are all gone. Depending on the variety and number of seeds in the paper  - you should get quite a few weeks worth of sowing. Which will result in numerous weeks worth of harvesting. Which equals numerous weeks of eating! Is there anything better?

Plot Australia Lettuce
If you’ve already sown all your Woolworths Discovery Garden Seeds and you are looking down the barrel of 15 Bok Choys and 9 Cabbages all ready for harvest at the same time - don’t stress. My neighbours LOVE it when I have a produce glut - and I’m sure yours will too! Hey you got the seeds for free - don’t be greedy - share the love around!

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Happy growing!

Rachel Leembruggen

Founder of Plot Australia