How to Create Your Own Sprout Jar

Want to grow your own but don't have a garden? Live in a high rise apartment block? Renting and don't want to build your own gardens? Physically unable to bend over to plant in pots? Whatever your limitations here is a simple (and CHEAP) solution that will help you grow some of your own fresh food that is highly nutritious. Whereever you are and whatever your physical restraints. 

Sprout jars! 

Alfalfa for sandwhiches, pea sprouts for stirfries or (my personal favourite) mung beans - sprouted they taste just like snow peas! And they are much easier to grow being ready to eat in 5-7 days. No garden needed. Just a jar by your kitchen sink. If you can brush your teeth twice a day you can manage to grow your own sprouts (sometimes it's a struggle I'll admit!).

Here's what you will need - 

A clean glass jar (an empty washed old pasta sauce jar will be fine)

A rubber band

A square of clean muslin/ cheese cloth 

A few tablespoons of sprout seeds (peas, broccoli, lentils, mung beans - there is a huge variety that you can purchase from Garden Centres, Supermarkets or health food shops. I can get a 500g bag of mung beans from our local fruit shop for around $5 which lasts me MONTHS).

Here's how - 

1. Add just enough sprouts into your clean washed jar until the base is covered. Don't overfill or your sprouts won't have enough room to grow!

Sprout Jar Plot Australia

2. Add warm water into the jar - enough that all the seeds are well covered. Put the square of fabric over the top like a lid and secure with the rubber band. Leave 8-12 hours for the sprouts to soak overnight.

Sprout Jar Plot Australia

3. The following day drain the water through the cloth - you shouldn't need to take it off. The water should strain in and out of the cloth - keeping the sprouts in and allowing water in and out while stopping any flies or bugs from getting through.

4. Add fresh water and swirl around the sprouts in the jar - thoroughly rinse and drain the water through the cloth. Rinse and drain twice a day (after you brush your teeth :)) 

5. Enjoy fresh and natural sprouts home grown by YOU (you clever thing) in 4-7 days! 

Sprout Jar Grown Plot Australia

Once grown give them a final good rinse, dry with a clean tea towel and keep in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Make sure you avoid any sprouts that are discoloured.

Clean the jar thoroughly, replace the cloth and start again! Theoretically you will be able to grow a fresh harvest every week and - if you want - keep a steady stock of fresh nutritious sprouts in your fridge ready to munch. 

I'd love to see how you go - tag me in any pictures on Facebook or Instagram. My personal favourite are mung beans. I find them great to mix with hommus on rice crackers. Happy to swap growing and eating tips and recipes!