30 Days of Backyard Play!

Going crazy with your kids stuck at home? This month I've been ALL ABOUT YOU! Because I totally get it....

I've been a stay at home Mum for four years now. OH BOY! Three boys to be exact. And we don't have access to a car during the day - so we do A LOT of backyard play.

As soon as restrictions started I knew most households would be in a similar situation as ourselves and I know how tough it can be somedays. To be honest it's been a lot harder now with no swimming lessons, playgroup, friend dates etc. But one thing we thankfully still have is the backyard. 

So I made it my mission over the last month to put together a FREE resource to help you. My 30 Days of Backyard Play series. The tricks I've developed up my sleeves over the past four years that get the boys outside in the backyard where there are inevitably less meltdowns, reduced stress and minimal fighting (and that's just from me!). So enjoy! I hope it helps you.

Plot Australia 30 Days of Backyard Play

Here's a FREE PDF Printable of the above checklist so you can pop it on the fridge for those moments you need a quick game changers. 

The backyard play ideas are a mixture of imaginative, movement, creative and sensory play ideas and most are suited to ages 2-8 (but hey I enjoy a lot of them myself so the ages are definitely a guide).

I've also made sure they

- use common household items you have laying around already - no need to go to the shops.

- are all FREE on my Facebook, IGTV and YouTube channels

- have no educational pressure and are all about PLAY (where learning inevitably happens anyway).

I made the print out above so you could pop it on the fridge for some quick inspo but the REAL GOLD is in all the videos I made. One each day walking you through the play activity with one of my boys. I don't have time to muck around with editing and staging so what you see is what happened - one take wonders! 

Plot Australia YouTube Videos

They give you the extra tips and tricks I do to make the activities easy - and each video goes for around 2 minutes. Check them out on YOUTUBE, Facebook or Instagram.

If you find them helpful I'd love if you could share them - it will help me help as many families as possible enjoy some backyard play. 

And tag me if you try any of the activities - I always love to see it!

Happy backyard playing!

- Rachel.