• How to Create Your Own In Ground Worm Station

    How to make your own in ground worm station. SUPER simple and SUPER cheap and SUPER good for your soil. How much more encouragement do you need? Step by step photos and instructions on how to feed your kitchen scraps to the worms - and not send them to landfill!
  • How to Create Your Own Sprout Jar

    It's simple to create your own sprout jar - and chances are you have everything you need in your cupboard already! Start growing next to your kitchen sink and by the end of the week you'll have some fresh nutritious sprouts to add to your stirfries, sandwhiches, casserole meals and salads.
  • Raid Your Recycling Bin! (aka common household items that help you grow your own plants from seed)


    There's so much goodness in there that will help you grow your own plants from seed. Plus it's FREE - and it's saving the energy that would otherwise go into melting it down and creating into new products. The downside is you may need to rinse some meat juice off it but hey the FREE drawcard should be enough to win you over.

  • How to Create Your Own Terrarium

    How to create your own mini world in a glass jar terrarium! Full instructions including materials, tools and a step by step guide written by Plot Australia. Including how to care for your succulent terrarium.
  • 30 Days of Backyard Play!

    Going crazy with your kids stuck at home? This month I've been ALL ABOUT YOU! Because I totally get it.... I've been a stay at home Mum for four years now. OH BOY! Three boys to be exact. And we don't have access to a car during the day - so we do A LOT of backyard play. Here's our TOP 30 FREE EASY AND FUN BACKYARD PLAY IDEAS.
  • Quickest and Easiest Autumn Veg to Plant NOW

    Top 8 QUICKEST and EASIEST vegetables to plant NOW in SE QLD so you can be harvesting next month!
  • How to Create an easy Colour Matching Treasure Hunt in Your Garden

    We are DEEP into school holidays now! Parent's I am with you! Here's an activity that's easy to run with your kids and gets them outside in the gar...
  • How to make your own Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree Ornaments

    How to make your own eco friendly Christmas tree decorations - with step by step instructions and photos. You'll have all these items already laying around your home. Get the kids busy these school holidays.
  • How to make your own EASY Eucalyptus Wreath

    How to make your own EASY Eucalytpus Wreath from things laying around the home.
  • How to Get MULTIPLE Harvests from ONE Woolworths Discovery Garden Plant

    How to get MULTIPLE weeks worth of staggered harvesting from one single Woolworths Discovery Garden Plant. Step by step instructions with photos by Plot Australia.
  • Beyond The Plot

    Wondering what else is in our backyard around the Plot? Come take a look!
  • The Building of The Plot

    How we built the Plot - dimensions, construction method and timber used.